How Trump will cheat and what to do about it

September 27, 2020 in Blog Posts

More Democrats, because Dems have not been fed an unending stream of anti-science propaganda and recognize the risk of Corona, will vote by mail compared to Republicans.

In close states, like NC, this will mean that election night counts will lean Republican, even if the Dems have won by 1-2%. Trump will claim, without basis, that the mail in votes are fraudulent, and ask to stop the count. (See NBC News) If he can’t stop the count, he will ask the Repub. legislature to ignore the official count and to send a slate of electors that will vote the ‘true’ winner, him, to be president. Unbelievably, they have the ability to do this, so it will go to the Supreme Court where Trump has appointed biased judges that may well support him in stealing the election.

To help stop this, vote early, and, if possible, vote in person. It is terrible to be put in this position, but freedom is not free, and the best way to save our country is to take the personal risk and vote in person. It is what I will be doing.