Romley boycotts Sinclair

April 3, 2018 in Blog Posts, Press Release

Ken Romley, Democratic candidate for US House in the Second Congressional District, announced today that he will join others in boycotting corporate media giant Sinclair Broadcast Group. Sinclair’s corporate officers this week forced their news anchors at hundreds of stations across the nation to read a script warning viewers of fake news while calling their coverage fair.

“As we’re deciding about where to place our campaign ads, we’ve decided not to support a corporate media giant that bullies its employees into reading propaganda,” Romley said. “That’s a serious breach of journalistic independence.”

President Trump joined the fray over Sinclair’s highly controversial practice by tweeting his support. According to Politico, the Trump campaign had a deal with Sinclair during the campaign to provide access to the media giant in exchange for better coverage. Apparently, that relationship survived the campaign.

“It seems Sinclair is seeking to become yet another propaganda tool of the Trump administration,” Romley said. “The only way we can stop this biased intervention into broadcast news is to hit them where it hurts – in their corporate pocketbooks.”

Romley joins other congressional candidates who opposed corporate influence in the news room and strongly support the independence of journalists.


Ken Romley is running in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District for the seat held by Rep. George Holding. He is a high-tech entrepreneur who has founded four companies in Wake County over the past 25 years that have employed hundreds of people. Romley lives in Wake County with his wife, Di, and has two adult children.