Gun Violence is a Real Problem. Here's How You Can Be the Solution

The best way to stop gun violence is to replace the Republicans who have been bought and paid for by the NRA in Congress.
We can do it in 2018.

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We need your help to make this happen. Ken Romley will work toward real solutions for preventing gun violence, but, to make a real difference, he needs to get to Congress. North Carolina District 2 (NC2) is a competitive district. It is on the DCCC’s and’s list of target districts. This means that NC2 is winnable, but it is going to be tough, and it will require both the right candidate and the efforts of a lot of good people.

As a strong supporter of progressive principals, Ken can get out the base. As a high-tech entrepreneur who has created hundreds of jobs, he can win over swing voters. If you look at the other Democratic candidates for NC2, no one else has the same appeal. This makes it critical to get involved before the primary on May 8th. Without the right candidate, Democrats will lose this winnable seat.

Ken can’t do it alone.

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