In Congress

After the House chaplain resigned under pressure from House Speaker Paul Ryan, Father Patrick Conroy has withdrawn his resignation. Ryan didn’t like the chaplain’s prayer that the impending tax cuts wouldn’t hurt poor people. Ryan is now catching heat from both parties for the debacle.

In the White House

The investigation keeps getting closer to Trump’s business dealings. His attorney, Michael Cohen, is under investigation and his business practices look very shady and could have a major impact on the president. Trump also borrowed millions in unsecured or under-secured debt to build his empire. How’d he get those loans with his track record of bankruptcies?

With George Holding

George Holding is showing up on people’s TV screens but he’s not really visiting their communities. According to an article in the Rocky Mount Telegram, “Holding hasn’t been seen in the area since taking office years ago.”

In District 2

Tuesday is the primary election. If you haven’t done so, go vote. According to Vote Tracker, 11,282 people have voted already in District 2.

On the Campaign Trail

We spent the week moving around the district and visiting early voting places, diners and other places we could find voters. The highlight was joining a group of high school students as they cast their very first votes (see photo below). Democracy in action!

Photo of the Week