In Congress

A little good news, at least in the Senate: Doug Jones was sworn in as the Senator from Alabama. Republicans now have a narrow 51-49 advantage.

In the White House

Donald Trump and the White House were in an uproar with the release of Michael Wolff’s scathing depiction of the Trump White House. Trump’s lawyers tried issue a cease-and-desist order against the publisher but they released the book early instead. The book also caused what looks to be a permanent split between Trump and his former political advisor, Steve Bannon. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier…

With George Holding

Happy New Year, George! Hope you can do a better job representing your constituents this year than you did last.

In District 2

We’ve got great candidates running for the state legislature across North Carolina and several who overlap our district have announced or will be soon.Sydney Batch is running for state House District 37 and will be having a meet and greet Sunday, February 18. Also, Mack Paul, former Chair of the Wake Democratic Party, announced he’s running in the new Senate District 18 which includes part of Franklin and northern Wake Counties.

Photo of the week

Great to be with my family over the holidays.