In Congress

Well, Congress reached a deal to prevent a shutdown last week. They’ll keep the government operating until February 8 when we’ll face another showdown. It’s no way to run a country and another example of why we need new leadership in Congress.

In other news, Congress is debating whether or not to protect Robert Mueller from Donald Trump. A bipartisan group of Senators wants to pass legislation that would deter Trump from firing Mueller. Members of the House GOP leadership say that’s not necessary. The fact that we’re even having this discussion is more evidence we need people in the House who will stand up to the president and stand up for the American people.

In the White House

Well, it turns out that Donald Trump did want to fire Mueller last June despite months of denials. Now, he’s talking about firing other people close to the investigation. His stooges went on the talk shows to downplay Trump’s threats to undermine Mueller but it’s clear that this is a president who needs to be held in check and who can’t be trusted.

With George Holding

George Holding went to Davos this week to hobnob with the billionaires and business elites. He’s also probably looking for more special interest money to fuel his campaign while high-fiving the millionaires who will be the major beneficiaries of the tax bill he supported.

In District 2

Let’s applaud Trillium Health Resources in Nash County for their work to combat the opioid epidemic. In Congress, I’ll work to give communities the support they need to fight this plague.

On the Campaign Trail

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet Democrats from across the state at the State Executive Board meeting. You could feel the enthusiasm!

Photo of the week

Enjoyed meeting Democrats from across the state at the State Executive Board meeting.