In Congress

Congress is still trying to avoid a government shutdown. If they can’t come to an agreement before next Saturday, then money will stop flowing to many vital services. Republicans control both Houses of Congress and the White House, so if we see this level of dysfunction, we know who to blame.

In the White House

Donald Trump is at it again. He insulted immigrants moving here from Africa and Haiti in a meeting this week that drew criticism from both Democrats and Republicans. He asked a group of lawmakers meeting with him why we have to take immigrants from “s***hole countries.” His comments are racist and damaging to our credibility with other nations.

With George Holding

In the debate over how to handle the Dreamers, George Holding said that the we should hold young people accountable for the actions of their parents. He said, “Breaking the law has consequences and that will flow down to your children.” That’s not reflective of American values.

In District 2

Well, a three-judge panel declared that North Carolina’s Congressional districts are illegal partisan gerrymanders and ordered the legislature to redraw them by January 24. Republicans in the legislature have asked the Supreme Court to stay the decision. We’ll know in the next few days whether we run in this district as it’s drawn or a different one altogether. While it adds uncertainty to the election, we’re sure Ken is going to keep running and look forward to continuing the campaign.

On the Campaign Trail

Next Saturday, we’ll be heading to the Women’s March in Raleigh. We hope you can join us. If any of you wants to carry a sign or be part of our delegation, email Andres at We hope to see you there!

Photo of the week

It was great seeing Supreme Court Judge Mike Morgan at the African American Caucus.