On the shooting in Parkland, Florida

The school shooting in Florida this week should remind us that we are failing our children. Politicians who say there’s nothing we can do should get out of the way of those of us want to try. The student who are speaking out are far more eloquent the adults who have let them down. There’s one thing we should all be able to agree on: We need research into how to prevent more carnage. Unfortunately, the NRA has blocked any government funding for research into gun violence. That must change. That’s just a first step, but it’s one that should be enacted immediately.

In Congress

Congress again showed its dysfunction. This time, they couldn’t come together to pass a fix for the DREAMERs despite overwhelming support from the American public. This failure is another sign that we need a new Congress to get anything done.

In the White House

Donald Trump released his budget busting budget to huge criticism. The proposed budget would add billions to the deficit and more than a trillion dollars to the national debt. It would also cut Medicare by more than $500 million. It’s largely considered dead-on-arrival, illustrating more dysfunction at the highest reaches of government.

With George Holding

According the website Open Secrets, George Holding has taken at least $6,000 in PAC contributions from the NRA.

On the Campaign Trail

We’re continuing to meet with people across the district. This week at meetings like the one below, we’re concerned about the gun violence that is out of control. We’ve got to deal with it and we’ll need new Congress to get it done.

Photo of the Week