In Congress

Well, Congress passed a spending deal that will fund government for the next six weeks and sets spending priorities for the next two years. The deal also increases the deficit substantially. So much for anybody being the party of fiscal responsibility.

In the White House

The #MeToo movement reached into the upper echelon of the White House staff this week when White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter resigned because of charges of domestic violence from two of his ex-wives. Donald Trump wished Porter well and reminded reporters that Porter denied the allegations. The whole affair had shades of Trump’s defense of Roy Moore in Alabama. When it comes to abusers and abuse victims, we can count on the president to side with the abusers.

With George Holding

When a bipartisan group of local elected officials, state officials and grassroots activists met with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, George Holding was on hand to make sure that he sided with Washington over North Carolina. Holding has made it clear that he supports off-shore drilling against the wishes of people who live on the coast and would be most affected by the drilling.

On the Campaign Trail

We had a great time talking to voters at HKonJ on Saturday. What an inspiring march!

Photo of the Week

Ken talks to voters at HKonJ.

Ken talks to voters at HKonJ.