In Congress

The House and Senate came to an agreement on a tax reform bill. They will likely pass it this week and send it to the White House for Trump’s approval. The bill is a huge tax cut for the wealthiest Americans. Their tax cut stays permanent while the middle-class tax cut expires. Whose side do you think they’re on?

In the White House

The Trump administration is using Orwellian censorship in government agencies. They’ve banned the Centers for Disease Control and other health agencies from using certain common words. Among the banned words are “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” and “fetus.” That’s not only bizarre, those are scary authoritarian directives.

With George Holding

We’re asking George a series of questions that we believe his constituents deserve an answer to. This week, we’re focused on the FCC’s ruling stripping away net neutrality protections. Check out our page, to see what he says.

In District 2

Here’s a story for the season. Clayton Police Officer Jamie Brantley diffused a situation with a desperate man by directing him to the services he needed and buying the man groceries out of his own pocket. We should all remember the service of people like Officer Brantley.

On the campaign trail

I had a great time on the radio with my friend Morrisville City Council member Steve Rao. Thanks for the invitation, Steve! I hope we can do it again.

Photo of the week

Ken Romley being interviewed

Good interview on 92.1 FM