On Trump

President Trump is not the answer

He rightly pointed out that our congress is not working for the people, but then he has misled millions with false promises. He promised us that he would work to “drain the swamp,” but President Trump has actively worked to dismantle the protections that keep the swamp at bay. Putting inexperienced family members and rich friends in positions of power is not draining, it is filling the swamp with weasels and snakes.

President Trump has attacked the checks and balances that protect our Democracy

He has worked to discredit independent sources of facts, putting forth “alternative facts” that are not facts at all, but just what he feels to be true. He has threatened libel against the independent media when they publish opposing points of view. He has placed his family members in positions of power. And he has filled his administration with individuals whose main qualification is their unquestioning support for him personally. He seems to think America would be better off if he and his wealthy friends were given free rein to set the rules we all live by. I strongly disagree.

President Trump has fostered divisiveness in America

In addition to weakening America’s checks and balances on power, President Trump’s tone has been detrimental to society. He gives winks and nods to the worst, most racist elements in our communities. He inflames xenophobia by blaming immigrants and foreigners for workers’ diminishing economic prospects. Instead of embracing the strengths of American ideals that have led to inclusiveness and great wealth for the American people, President Trump holds out false nostalgia, promising to go back in time and restore people to jobs that no longer exist. Americans can overcome huge challenges, but only if they are honest about what those challenges are, and realistic about what it takes to be prosperous in the modern economy.

President Trump has disturbing connections with Russia

Apart from pursuing harmful policies, espousing “alternative facts,” and reducing the power of the Presidency through his bullying behavior, signs point to President Trump being uncomfortably close with Russian interests. Trump’s first year has included many troubling events. These include:

  • Firing the FBI director for not demonstrating sufficient loyalty while the FBI was actively investigating his administration’s ties to Russia
  • Ignoring the nation’s highest officials and hiring a national security advisor widely believed to be compromised by Russia
  • Weakening the rule of law and potentially weakening the leverage of officials investigating his administration’s activities by pardoning a political supporter, Joe Arpaio
  • Compromising our national security by passing classified information to Russia while exposing Israel as the source of the intelligence

America will be stronger if President Trump’s first term in office is his last

The Constitution makes America a strong, resilient country. We can make mistakes, recognize them, and get America back on the path towards strength and prosperity. Electing President Trump was one of these mistakes. President Trump correctly pointed out many problems in society, but he has sold us what amounts to snake oil as the solution. As more people realize his deficiencies, I hope they will join me in working to make sure that the damage he inflicts is limited, and that his first term is his last.

How you can help

To find out what you can do, go to stopping trump.