This is a fun video on a serious topic, and points out just how damaging losing net neutrality can be.

It actually understates the case. In the video it demonstrates how losing net neutrality can let companies embark on detrimental business practices. It does that by showing how this might work with something almost all of us are familiar with, buying a hamburger.

What it doesn’t show, is that when things move to the internet they are even worse. That is because a huge number of people only have one choice for broadband internet service. You might think that Burger King would never take the steps shown in the video because people can always go across the street and get a burger someplace else, and you would be right.

Imagine how much worse things would be if the only place to get food was someplace that ran like the store depicted. That is the case with the internet. There is little choice for most consumers for broadband internet service. This critical resource (initially developed with our public dollars) should have some government protections in place to ensure that near monopolies don’t take advantage of our communities.

Net Neutrality offered those protections. Losing Net Neutrality was a mistake, and has put us all at risk.

For people who really want to dig into the details, TechCrunch gives the arguments against net neutrality — and why they’re wrong at Arguments against net neutrality and why they’re wrong.