In Congress

Well, Al Franken and John Conyers resigned from Congress for sexual harassment allegations after a chorus of Democrats called for their resignations. Meanwhile, Republicans doubled-down on their support for Alabama Senate nominee and accused child molester Roy Moore when Mitch McConnell backed off his criticism of Moore and the RNC began sending Moore money again. If ever there was a time for a new class of Congressmen…

In the White House

Donald Trump faces new allegations of sexual harassment when a former Fox News anchors says he tried to kiss her on the lips while the two were in an elevator in Trump Tower. She adds to the 19 women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment or abuse. Republicans refuse to comment on the matter.

With George Holding

With George Holding We didn’t hear much from George this week. He’s probably napping.

In District 2

Sam Searcy dropped out of the race this week to challenge Republican State Senator Tamara Barringer. Good luck, Sam! We’re pulling for you!

On the campaign trail

We had great time at the Harnett County Democratic Party Holiday Party last weekend and had a great series of meetings with folks hosting house parties and fundraisers. We appreciate all the support out there.