In Congress

The House passed their version of tax reform. It’s little more than a bait-and-switch with middle class tax cuts expiring while those for the rich and big corporations stay permanent. It also raises taxes on graduate students. You read that right—graduate students, that bastion of disposable income. In an area full of universities, that’s bad for our district and our state.

In the White House

Donald Trump came back from his trip to Asia where he met with Vladimir Putin in Vietnam. He told the press he believes Putin when he says Russia didn’t meddle in US elections. To put that in perspective, he’s taking the word of a hostile dictator over his own intelligence community.

 With George Holding

George Holding continued to follow the party line and voted for the tax reform that will raise taxes on millions of American families while giving people like him tax cuts.

In District 2

In Franklin County, the schools are preparing for active shooter situations. While we should applaud the school officials there and elsewhere, it’s sad that we’ve reached that point in our society.

On the campaign trail

We had a great time meeting with the Wake Democratic Men’s Club, Harnett County Democrats and the African-American Caucus this week. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak!