In Congress

Well, they dropped their so-called tax reform bill. As you might expect, the big winners are the wealthy and big corporations who will see huge tax breaks. Tax reform should benefit the middle class, not just the rich and powerful.

In the White House

Mueller’s investigation is sending shivers through the White House. With two indictments and a guilty plea, the investigation into Russian collusion moves into a new phase. As Mueller’s investigation gets closer to the president, expect to see more people talking and probably more indictments.

With George Holding

George Holding says he would prefer to see tax deductions for state and local taxes ended altogether. That would cost middle class families across North Carolina a lot more money. At least we know who side he’s on.

In District 2

Municipal elections will take place in several places across the district on Tuesday. Make sure you vote!

On the campaign trail

We’re building out our campaign infrastructure and increasing our staff. A big welcome to Andres, Jackie and Seth!