In Congress

Wouldn’t you know it. Congress is on break—again. I guess they figure if they can’t get anything done while they’re in Washington, they might as well be home.

In the White House

Think healthcare’s expensive now? Donald Trump just cut off cost sharing for health insurance companies that will increase premiums by 20% and increase the deficit by $200 billion. North Carolina will be one of the biggest losers, costing us $66 billion in federal aid.

With George Holding

You would think representatives of a state that’s famous for getting hurt by hurricanes would understand the devastation they cause and would be sympathetic to the plight of Americans in other states who got hit. Not George Holding. He was one of only 69 Representatives that voted against aid to Texas, Louisiana and Puerto Rico. That’s embarrassing.

In District 2

George Holding might not support hurricane victims but the first responders across the district sure do. Look at their work during Hurricane Matthew. They were honored in Nash County Saturday night. We can all agree that our first responders are true heroes.

On the campaign trail

We’re still moving around the district. We had a great time visiting with Democrats in Nash County over the weekend.