I’m running for Congress because now, more than ever, we need new blood in Washington. The people in Congress can’t get anything done because they’re too busy scoring political points or helping themselves and their cronies. In business, that type of performance gets you fired. It is our responsibility to see that Congress is held to the same standard.

We need leaders who have real life experience making a difference. I’ve started four companies in 25 years, employing hundreds of people across North Carolina. Our companies were successful because we identified opportunities, we listened to new ideas and we built an atmosphere of teamwork that solved problems instead of creating them. I want to apply those principles to Congress to get it working for all Americans again.

We face too many problems to allow the dysfunction in Washington to weigh us down. Too many people are working multiple jobs to make ends meet while companies complain that they can’t find qualified workers. The cost of our health care is still growing too fast and taking too much money out of the pockets of hard working Americans. Our children are leaving college with heavy debts that burden them and our economy. Our infrastructure is fraying and outdated. Congress should be focused on all of these problems, but they’re not.

We can get America on the right track, but we can’t do it with the people we have in office right now. It’s time to unload the dead weight in Congress and replace them with people who will bring new ideas and a commitment to success. In Washington, I’ll get the job done.

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