How Trump will cheat and what to do about it

September 27, 2020 in Blog Posts

More Democrats, because Dems have not been fed an unending stream of anti-science propaganda and recognize the risk of Corona, will vote by mail compared to Republicans.

In close states, like NC, this will mean that election night counts will lean Republican, even if the Dems have won by 1-2%. Trump will claim, without basis, that the mail in votes are fraudulent, and ask to stop the count. (See NBC News) If he can’t stop the count, he will ask the Repub. legislature to ignore the official count and to send a slate of electors that will vote the ‘true’ winner, him, to be president. Unbelievably, they have the ability to do this, so it will go to the Supreme Court where Trump has appointed biased judges that may well support him in stealing the election.

To help stop this, vote early, and, if possible, vote in person. It is terrible to be put in this position, but freedom is not free, and the best way to save our country is to take the personal risk and vote in person. It is what I will be doing.

Romley boycotts Sinclair

April 3, 2018 in Blog Posts, Press Release

Ken Romley, Democratic candidate for US House in the Second Congressional District, announced today that he will join others in boycotting corporate media giant Sinclair Broadcast Group. Sinclair’s corporate officers this week forced their news anchors at hundreds of stations across the nation to read a script warning viewers of fake news while calling their coverage fair.

“As we’re deciding about where to place our campaign ads, we’ve decided not to support a corporate media giant that bullies its employees into reading propaganda,” Romley said. “That’s a serious breach of journalistic independence.”

President Trump joined the fray over Sinclair’s highly controversial practice by tweeting his support. According to Politico, the Trump campaign had a deal with Sinclair during the campaign to provide access to the media giant in exchange for better coverage. Apparently, that relationship survived the campaign.

“It seems Sinclair is seeking to become yet another propaganda tool of the Trump administration,” Romley said. “The only way we can stop this biased intervention into broadcast news is to hit them where it hurts – in their corporate pocketbooks.”

Romley joins other congressional candidates who opposed corporate influence in the news room and strongly support the independence of journalists.


Ken Romley is running in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District for the seat held by Rep. George Holding. He is a high-tech entrepreneur who has founded four companies in Wake County over the past 25 years that have employed hundreds of people. Romley lives in Wake County with his wife, Di, and has two adult children.

Congressional Candidate Romley Refuses PAC Money

February 9, 2018 in Blog Posts, Press Release

Congressional candidate Ken Romley announced today that he will refuse to accept campaign donations from political action committees, better known as PACs. The candidate cited the outsized influence of special interest money on the American political system and the need to give power back to the citizens as reasons for the decision. Romley is running in North Carolina’s second congressional district.

“The corrupting influence of special interest money on our political system must be stopped,” said Romley. “PACs represent a serious threat to American democracy. I am proud to announce that I will not be beholden to special interest groups, but will answer only to the people of North Carolina.”

In contrast, 2nd district incumbent George Holding has raised over $140,000 from PACs in the 2017-2018 fiscal year according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Major donors included Altria Group, the parent company of Philip Morris USA, and Pfizer Inc, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Romley stated that this is a sign that corporations believe they can influence Holding’s decision making.

“When tobacco companies, big pharma, or any special interest gives to a candidate, they are expecting a return on their investment,” said Romley. “Every citizen of North Carolina should question if Mr. Holding has their best interests at heart.”


Ken Romley is running in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District for the seat held by Rep. George Holding. He is high-tech entrepreneur who has founded four companies in Wake County over the past 25 years that have employed hundreds of people. Romley lives in Wake County with his wife, Di, and has two adult children.

Net Neutrality Explained / Why it is an issue

January 27, 2018 in Blog Posts

This is a fun video on a serious topic, and points out just how damaging losing net neutrality can be.

It actually understates the case. In the video it demonstrates how losing net neutrality can let companies embark on detrimental business practices. It does that by showing how this might work with something almost all of us are familiar with, buying a hamburger.
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Offshore Drilling: Not good for North Carolina

January 16, 2018 in Blog Posts

The Trump Administration and his lackeys in Congress like George Holding are putting one of North Carolina’s most valuable resources at risk by allowing offshore drilling off of our beautiful and vulnerable coast.

We must act to stop this NOW! Tell Donald Trump and George Holding to protect our coast. Sign our petition to stop offshore drilling.

The North Carolina coastline is a state treasure. Millions of people vacation at our shores each year and tens of thousands of Tar Heels rely on tourism, fishing, and related industries for their livelihoods. The Trump administration just granted an exemption to Florida, acknowledging the potential risks of offshore drilling to that state’s economy.

George Holding has said that he supports offshore drilling off of our coast. Let’s send a message to George and let him know that North Carolina deserves the same protections afforded to Florida.

Sign the petition today and protect our coasts!

It is time for us to fire Congress

December 12, 2017 in Blog Posts

I’m running for Congress because now, more than ever, we need new blood in Washington. The people in Congress can’t get anything done because they’re too busy scoring political points or helping themselves and their cronies. In business, that type of performance gets you fired. It is our responsibility to see that Congress is held to the same standard.

We need leaders who have real life experience making a difference. I’ve started four companies in 25 years, employing hundreds of people across North Carolina. Our companies were successful because we identified opportunities, we listened to new ideas and we built an atmosphere of teamwork that solved problems instead of creating them. I want to apply those principles to Congress to get it working for all Americans again.

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On This We Agree

November 11, 2017 in Blog Posts

While there are many views across the political spectrum, there are some things on which we can all come together. The racial attacks on Zainab Baloch, a candidate for Raleigh city council, are unacceptable.

We should all applaud Charles Hellwig, chairman of the Wake County Republican Party, who said, “The Wake County Republican Party wants Ms. Baloch to know that this reprehensible act does not represent anything other than the twisted lunacy of some disgusting individual.” We need to give credit where credit is due. (More at News & Observer, Racial Slur …)

The people I know, across the political spectrum, condemn this act of bigotry. We started our country with “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, …” While the United States has not always lived up to this ideal, it is the goal we strive for. Attacking people because of their race or religion is the opposite of this fundamental value. It is un-American, and every effort should be made to see that it is stopped.