The Message Americans Should Hear: October, 2019

October 31, 2019 in Romley Makes the Rounds

Trump is a Traitor. Pence should be President

Both statements are important, and I hope you give me a minute to explain why.

What makes America great is that we have a system allowing huge numbers of people to contribute their best work to the benefit of society. What has been key to our amazing success is a careful balance of personal freedoms vs. societal responsibilities, an understanding that power corrupts so it has to be distributed and balanced, and a reliance on the votes of each citizen to guide the choices that have to be made within this governing framework.

This system is under attack by our President.  Our president does not believe in the American system, but instead believes whatever he wants defines Americanism.

He is supported by people who in their gut know something is not right. These supporters have fallen prey to believing the ends justify the means. They say things like, I don’t like Trump as a person but we are getting the judges we want, or, all politicians are corrupt and at least with Trump I’m getting my taxes cut, or they believe Trump’s comforting lies that our problems are caused by ‘others’; foreigners and corrupt ‘deep state’ government officials. Large numbers of these people will have to support Trump’s removal if it is to be successful.

Trump has undeniably used our American resources for his personal gains. He stopped close to $400 million in Congressionally approved military aid from going to Ukraine so he could pressure them to investigate his political rivals. This is a betrayal of his oath of office and is treasonous. But, once again, if Trump is to be held to account, a significant number of Trump’s supporters must back the effort.

For now, this means supporting making Pence President. Republicans and Independents need to be convinced that impeachment is not about changing the results of the 2016 election. If people believe removing Trump is about getting better policies (e.g. Climate Change, Health Care, Women’s Rights, Economic fairness, etc.) it will not be successful. Those fights are important, but they need to come later and be independent of this effort. People know that Pence will continue Trump’s policies, so accepting Pence as president is the path to getting enough support to actually remove Trump.

For our Democracy’s sake, Republicans have to hear the message: Trump is a Traitor – but it will be tuned out unless it is combined with the message: Pence should be President.

Please join me in getting the word out. Large banners that come in less than a week can be ordered from: for less than $10 each. While social media is great, the key is to put the message where Republican’s will see it (overpasses on highways work great – see attached photos). One day our kids will want to know what we did during this critical period in America. Proudly stand as someone willing to fight for America. Print a sign. Hang it up.

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